Bed Hog takes pride in the great quality of our sheets.  We know that our sheets are often given as a gift, either to a happy couple that you know, or to your partner to encourage better sleeping behavior.  So we made our sheets high quality, so you'll be proud to give Bed Hog sheets as a gift.

Our sheets are 100% cotton, 300 thread count.  Everyone knows about thread count - but what most sheet merchants don't tell you is that yarn weight - a sheet metric not usually shared with consumers - is critically important to sheet quality.  Thread count tells you how many threads are used to weave the sheets, but it doesn't tell you what the threads are.  Bed Hog pays extra to our manufacturer to get a higher yarn weight than most sheets use.  That's why our sheets feel so thick and soft.  We know you'll be proud to give them - and proud to sleep on them.