Bed Hog was founded by two newlyweds who were happy except for one thing -  a problem in the bedroom. The husband accused the wife of hogging the bed, but the wife was confident that she, if anyone, was the aggrieved party.

One night, they both came up with the same great idea – they should make sheets with a line down the middle. That way, they could prove who the real Bed Hog was. They even came up with a great way to put a His & Her design on the sheets, and make them work no matter who sleeps on what side of the bed. Shortly after talking it up with friends at dinner parties for market research, Bed Hog was born.

Now the couple sleeps on their own set of Bed Hog sheets. And now the husband has to grudgingly admit, “Well, I guess you’re not as much on my side as I thought you were.”