Bed Hog is pleased to announce some celebrity Bed Hogs!

Some Hollywood tastemakers saw Bed Hog sheets and loved them, so they invited us to participate in a Celebrity Gift Lounge backstage at taping of the CBS “Home for the Holidays” special. We were so excited to meet the celebrities and and introduce them to our sheets, and they really liked them.

Grammy-winning recording artist Mary J. Blige saw the sheets from across the lounge and immediately beelined right over to them. She said, “Oh, I need these! These are fun!” Let’s hope that Mary was able to keep her honey from hogging the bed so she can get a good night’s sleep.

Actress and producer Nia Vardalos, star of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” thought our sheets could help settle a long-running conversation in her own marriage. She said, “These are hilarious! They are so funny. My husband says I sleep like an open pair of scissors.” We bet Nia’s husband is now getting a better night’s sleep than ever!

J. August Richards, co-star of TNT’s hit series “Raising the Bar” and previously co-star on WB’s “Angel, thought the sheets could be a good gift item. He said, “These are a cute idea. I’m going to give a set to my sister & her husband.” That’s one more gift under his family’s tree this Christmas.

Jenna Elfman, pregnant with her second baby, stopped by the Bed Hog table and picked out a set of sheets. She said, “These are clever. What a funny idea!” Let’s hope that her husband isn’t being too diligent about enforcing the line in the middle of the sheets – when a woman is pregnant, she deserves to take up more than her half!

Shar Jackson got her own pair of sheets at the booth. She said they would be great for keeping her two boys on their own side of the bed when they crash in her bed.

These are a great idea,” said recording artist Michael Franti. We hope our sheets help keep his bedroom harmonious.

Pop star Taylor Dayne and her honey visited our booth. She took a set of sheets and said, “these are incredible.”

Other celebrities also performed at the event, and they also received our sheets in their goodie bag, and we hope they liked them as well. Stars who received the sheets include:

  • Faith Hill
  • Reba McEntire

Check back soon for more photos!